What Is Hydroponics Gardening

What Is Hydroponics Gardening And How To Do It Indoors?

Submitted by: Bob Roy

You may have heard of hydroponics gardening before and got either interested or turned off by its gibberish sounding moniker. What exactly is hydroponics may ask.

Hydroponics was derived from the Greek word hydro, which means “water” and ponos, which means “labor or water-working”. Hydroponics gardening involves growing plants with their roots in other nutrient solutions and without soil.

Hydroponics gardening is as simple as ordinary gardening. Both of them necessitate sufficient light, water, temperature, light, and humidity. However, with regular gardening, several plants could not survive being indoors. On the other hand, when gardening indoors using hydroponics, growing plants indoors can be a cinch.

In setting up and planning for hydroponics gardening, one may consider these simple guidelines on how to do hydroponics gardening:

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Growing Marijuana Indoors:

An Overview

Submitted by: John Contraros

This how-to guide will teach you about each step in the process of growing your first marijuana plant indoors. From seeds and nutrients to lighting and hydroponic systems, this guide is a basic overview for the novice indoor marijuana grower.


For your first grow operation I recommend you seeds that are easy to obtain, such as those found in your own bud. Once you get some experience growing you may want to consider buying cannabis seeds. There are many types of marijuana seeds out there and many different strains. There are feminized seeds which yield only female plants, and there are low-rider dwarf plants that flower automatically. There are many varieties of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid (containing genetics from both Indica and Sativa strains). Sativa and sativa-dominant strains tend to give the user more of a “head high” as opposed to a “body high”; whereas Indica-dominant strains tend to give you that couch-lock stoney high.

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